DevOps Consulting

OpsBros makes DevOps practices that help clients deliver without sacrificing infrastructure capacities and production environment. With our DevOps Consulting team, you will be empowered to shake up today's business world. Opsbros is an official Amazon Web Services Consulting and Managed Services Partner.



Cloud Native Architecture

  • Re-platform your applications to take full advantage of cloud technologies from day one, delivering the full promise of the cloud - cost, scale, and reliability.
  • If you need to build a large platform with constant scaling in mind, we will assist you in designing the microservices architecture that offers greater control, security, and cost-efficiency from a long-term perspective.


Cloud Migration

  • Rather than migrating virtual machines, Migrations as Code builds automated delivery pipelines and a long-term operating model beyond the migration.
  • We are ready to support you at every stage of your cloud journey.
  • Starting from cloud readiness assessment and cloud strategy development to infrastructure set up, architecture redesign, migration, and maintenance - our specialists will take good care of your migration to AWS.


Cloud Application Development

  • Reduce development overhead, time and effort and reclaim energy that can be spent innovating and building amazing products.
  • Scalable and Resilient - Scale seamlessly on-demand through unpredictable traffic and remain resilient in the face of unexpected failures, without any effort.
  • Event-Driven - Never pay for an idle microsecond. Build responsive applications by leveraging the managed concurrency and routing provided by the AWS Cloud.



  • We help you streamline your software delivery and deployment, improve development efficiency, and save costs with our DevOps expertise.
  • Our team will set up standardized fully automated deployment cycles (CI/CD), automate the configuration and management of IT infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-a-code.


Cloud solutions for Data & Analytics

  • Unlock the power of Big Data by using advanced data analytics techniques powered by ML & AI algorithms.
  • Our data scientists will help you extract actionable insights from diverse data sets - structured and unstructured; in transit or at rest; generated in real time and at a large scale allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.
  • Data architects at OpsBros will help you build your Big Data & Analytics solution from scratch or migrate it to AWS using modern technology stack and AWS-managed services like Amazon EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, and Elasticsearch etc


Infrastructure as a Code


Automation and Orchestration

Cloud and Infrastructure Providers

Monitoring & Logging

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